Career Firefighter Ron Ziulkowski - Portage, IN

"With this product we fixed the weakest link in our fire and rescue operations. Our 4 cycle engines and 2 cycle hand tools are now operating reliably and efficiently because we use Sure-Starter fuel in all our emergency equipment! We spend thousands on the best power equipment and rescue tools - but our weakest link was our fuel. Our investment in this premium fuel is much less than costs we previously incurred with downtime and repairs.”

Career Firefighter Chris Bellavia - South Haven, IN

"I risked my life on a burning rooftop without this product. While on the roof attempting to cut a vent atop a multi-alarm apartment fire, my chain saw would not function leaving myself and my crews at risk. We later determined that the standard 2-stroke fuel was the cause of the saw malfunction. Now my entire crew uses Sure-Starter premium equipment fuel – it gives me the confidence that our emergency equipment will work the first time – every time - keeping my crew and the members of the community safe."

FireFighter Joe Seigal - Small Engine Maintenance

"With fire department budgets as tight as they are, and less available funding for power equipment maintenance, Sure-Starter equipment fuel is a must for any department. With increasing amounts of ethanol and other additives in normal gasoline, the damage of carburetor films, cylinder gaskets, and degradation of fuel lines are on the rise, especially on equipment that does not run every day, or does not reach normal operating temperatures due to short run cycles. With Sure-Starter’s premium fuel - these problems are taken out of the equation. And, with the fuel’s extended shelf life, whether you use it on the first day it arrives or years later, it’s as if the fuel was produced yesterday. Our equipment now shows far fewer signs of poor performance, and start-up issues previously associated with old "gummed up" fuel or fuel additives are now solved with Sure-Starter. As a fire service power equipment mechanic, and with a shop of my own, I not only run Sure-Starter in our fire service equipment but also in my customers equipment. Whether your a career or volunteer department, Sure-Starter is the fuel for you.”

FireFighter William Lundy - South Haven, MI

"Sure-Starter Equipment Fuel has worked extremely well for us. We have noticed a decrease in overall maintenance issues with all of our equipment. Upon standard breakdown maintenance, the equipment is much cleaner and continues to operate better. The equipment starts much easier, and runs smoother upon start. Overall I think the operation of the equipment has improved. We have only had one repair on a saw since switching to Sure-Starter, however this repair had nothing to do with the fuel.”