Box of Eight (8) Cans (2-Stroke Premix)

Box of Eight (8) Cans (2-Stroke Premix)

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Box of Eight (8) 1-Gallon Cans [2-Stroke Premixed Fuel]


These F-style cans are easy to handle and are the perfect size for power equipment such as lawn mowers, gasoline-powered generators, chainsaws, leaf-blowers, and trimmers. The cans are also UN-rated and OSHA-compliant, making them perfect for taking out to a job site - rather than carrying multiple one-quart containers.

This fuel is premixed with premium fully-synthetic oil in a ratio suitable for use in equipment requiring oil blending ratios from 40:1 to 100:1.

Guaranteed shelf life of between one and three years!

Note: For large quantity orders please contact us at 765.464.8336