Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is Sure Starter better than competitive fuels?

Answer: Sure Starter is a proprietary mixture of premium gasoline components for 2 and 4 stroke engines that is safe to operate, clean burning, produces no harmful emissions, reliable to start, and has a shelf life of up to 2-4 years.The fuel does not require additives or mixing of any oils or lubricants.

Question: Will using Sure-Starter in my equipment void the warranty?

Answer: No. Sure-Starter fuel meets or exceeds the warranty requirements for all major 2/4 cycle engine manufacturers. This includes Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kawasaki, Kohler, Tecumseh, Poulan, Toro, STIHL, and many more. The fuel does not contain ethanol, toxic metals, or exotic chemicals.

Question: What if my engine is idling rough or running hot when I use Sure Starter fuel?

Answer: In rare circumstances consumers may experience rough idle or hot temperatures in engines upon changing to a different fuel. Sure Starter actually removes the gums/deposits left over from bad fuels. Therefore, you should consult the equipment manual to determine how to re-adjust the bad idle settings and bad fuel settings left over from the old fuel. If you have additional questions please contact us to speak to a qualified technician.

Question: Can I get a volume discount?

Answer: Yes. We offer highly competitive discounts on all bulk order quantities larger than 20 gallons. Please contact us for a quote.

Question: Do you sell through distributors?
Answer: Currently, we do not sell through distributors. However, we are exploring the possibility to add distributors in the near future.

Question: What equipment will Sure-Starter work with?

Answer: Sure-Starter will work great in any small engine and even make it run better! This includes lawn mowers, gas powered portable generators, chainsaws, rental equipment, and many more. Typically 2 stroke are handheld devices that use premixed fuel to aid in lubricating high RPM engine components; 4 stroke are typically larger gas powered equipment.

Question: Do you offer special premix fuels?

Answer: Yes. We can customize to meet the customers needs, however, our 2 stroke engine fuel is specifically designed with a premium synthetic lubricant to accommodate all blend mixtures from 40:1 to 100:1, regardless of what premix ratio the engine normally uses. To date all of our clientele have been satisfied by our premium premixed fuel.

Question: Is fuel stabilizer or gum-out needed?

Answer: No! Our fuel is designed to not break down or gum up for a very long time, enabling you to store your equipment for years at a time with no stabilizer.

Question: How long can I store the fuel in equipment?

Answer: We expect Sure Starter fuel to last a minimum of 2-4 years before showing any signs of oxidation. This means you never have to worry about your equipment gumming up over the winter or summer seasons.