Sure-Starter is a premium quality, ethanol-free gasoline designed for a broad range of equipment types that utilize 2 or 4 stroke engines. Our fuel is a proprietary blend of premium gasoline components with a minimum 94 octane rating (R+M)/2 and is highly reliable at starting 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines used in lawn mowers, chain saws, exhaust fans, power generators, etc. Sure-Starter has a much larger shelf life (i.e. 2-4 years) than retail automobile gasoline.

Sure-Starter was first developed to assist mission critical EMS/fire departments who were experiencing emergency equipment malfunctions caused by commercial small engine fuels commonly sold in the hardware stores. Experts at Swift Fuels developed a tailored solution known as Sure-Starter which is now sold nationwide. Key features of this fuel include:

• contains NO gum-forming compounds that can oxidize to foul engines and spark plugs

• contains NO MMT, aniline, benzene, sulfur or nitrogen products – that could be dangerous if inhaled over long periods

• contains NO tetraethyl lead or ethylene dibromide – both highly toxic and/or carcinogenic

• contains NO ethanol that can retain water and thereby damage fuel systems of light equipment

• produced ~30-50% less carbon monoxide exhaust in independent tests compared to automobile gasoline.